The project contractor reports everything is progressing according to plan and there are no areas for concern. Four months before the end of the project they suddenly start reporting a five month slippage. A nightmare scenario, or part of project life?

Euro Log is often used as an independent expert to review a project and to deliver an unbiased opinion as to possible outcomes and likely conclusions. This can be part of a gate review process within an organisation, or part of the governance and assurance procedures in a multi-participant programme.

Due Diligence

Many of our projects have multiple stakeholders, and we are often used to provide impartial forecasts of project delivery and outturn. These help to achieve stakeholder buy-in, providing assurance to partners as to the feasibility of the venture.

We provide such a service not only to many of the world’s largest programmes but also to individual field development or platform enhancement projects.

Governance and Assurance

Using us to feed in to gate reviews is a cost-effective solution to reviewing the viability of a project prior to release of funding. In smaller client organisations it can be difficult to justify employing suitably skilled experts who may only be used a few times per year, whilst in larger companies our independence and technical ability helps with manpower issues whilst avoiding colouration of the results for specific political aims.

Gate Reviews

A risk maturity assessment benchmarks a project’s risk management capability against industry best practice. Assessments can be used for verifying risk capability as part of a gate review process, or as a means of swiftly identifying hotspots and areas for improvement.

Risk Maturity Assessments

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