Board of Directors

Laurence implemented the first European application of quantitative project risk analysis in 1974, working collaboratively with Vosper Thornycroft on the Hunt class minesweeper project for the Royal Navy. He went on to co-found Euro Log in 1975, the first European professional services organisation dedicated to offering formalised project risk management support. Laurence holds a B.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and is responsible for Euro Log’s strategic planning and corporate development.

Laurence Krantz - Managing Director

Michael has been providing front-line risk management consultancy to the oil and gas, defence, electricity and steel industries for 19 years. He has also been responsible for providing authoritative risk guidance and training across the UK MoD equipment procurement programmes. Prior to joining Euro Log he managed the Business Assurance Group at HVR Consulting. He is a chartered engineer and holds a masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Michael Johnston - Non-executive Director

Robert is a highly skilled risk management consultant and project manager. He has significant experience in the oil and gas, rail and defence sectors, and has worked a number of secondments with clients. Prior to joining Euro Log in 2001 he worked with Schlumberger as an Oilfield Services Engineer and Manager. He was also an officer in the British Army, serving tours in both Northern Ireland and Germany.

Robert Churchill - Non-executive Director

Philip has been with the company since 1977 and has managed numerous consulting assignments across a wide variety of industries as well as being responsible for proprietary software development for projects and logistics simulation. He is a past chairman of the Association for Project Management’s Special Interest Group in risk. He holds a B.Sc. In Chemical Engineering.

Philip Rawlings - Non-executive Director

Graham has three decades of experience in project appraisal and project management. He has specialised in the application of Risk Management for evaluation of project alternatives, strategic planning and for the monitoring and control of technical, schedule, resource and budget risks during the execution of development work. Graham is a chartered engineer and holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

Graham Greengrass - Non-executive Director

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